Spirit and Goal of the Foundation

Stella Maris Foundation is a cultural foundation which promotes innovative music projects with an interdisciplinary approach and a spiritual basis. The foundation
was inspired by and started in the French city Chartres with its Gothic cathedral “Notre-Dame-de-Chartres”.

The cultural project Stella Maris of the composer Helge Burggrabe, designated as a homage to the cathedral, is the origin and eponym of the foundation. The Latin term Stella Maris (Star of the Seas) has been established since the Middle Ages as a poetic image for Mary: may she be a “guiding star in the voyages of life”. Transferred to modern times, the foundation would like to contribute to the development of sustainable and shining guidelines in a spiritual and cultural environment.
How can mankind be provided with long-term and profound orientation?
Human roots develop a central meaning in a time which requires global thinking; but is directed one-sidedly by economic belief in progress aiming only for partial and short-term advantage and profit.

Can connecting thoughts be reflected so deeply that a clear vision of community develops? Historic prime-ages can serve as an example and motivation. The period during which cathedrals erupted was such a groundbreaking period. Beginning in France in the 12th century, a movement took off across Europe and within a few decades formed community and brought spiritual, economical, and political improvement. During this period – intellectual, religious, and artistic preconditions were met as well as the political and financial requirements. All of these circumstances aimed for a common goal.

At that point, the time was ready for building big cathedrals – and what of today? The founders of Stella Maris Foundation are convinced that now is the time to spread the world of ideas contained in such a special way in Chartres. For this social impulse the foundation would like to create modern parameters with regards to content and structure.

projects 2018

STELLA MARIS: 17.3.2018 – Oldenburg, Ohmsteder Kirche
Concert with Julia Jentsch, Sophia Maeno, Olivia Jeremias, Dietrich Modersohn, Jochen Bauer, Heidi Merz, Alexander Lauterwasser, Michael Suhr, Kinderchor der Ohmsteder Kirche, Ohmsteder Vokalensemble, Chorschola St. Anna; Conductor: Beate Besser; Beginning: 7 p.m.; Info & Ticketing: www.nordwest-ticket.de

STELLA MARIS: 15.9.2018 – Meißen, Dom
Concert with Julia Jentsch, Edith Maria Breuer, Samuel Kummer, Alexander Lauterwasser, Domchor Meißen, Domkurrende, Junge Domkantorei, Elbland Philharmonie Sachsen, Conductor: Jörg Bräunig; Beginning: 8 p.m., Tickets: +49 (0) 3521 452490, Email: info@dom-zu-meissen.de

STELLA MARIS: 28.9.2018 – Speyer, Dom
Concert with Julia Jentsch, Alexandra Busch, Olivia Jeremias, Markus Eichenlaub, Jochen Bauer, Heidi Merz, Alexander Lauterwasser, Michael Suhr, Vokalensemble und Knabenchor Dom zu Speyer, Conductor: Markus Melchiori; Beginning: 8 p.m.; Info & Ticketing: www.reservix.de


Chanoine Dominique Aubert
(Recteur de l’Insigne Basilique Cathédrale de Chartres)

President: Prof. Dr. mult. Eckhard Nagel
Vice-President: Dr. Charlotte von Koerber

Freiherr Marian von Gravenreuth
Dr. Charlotte von Koerber
Dr. Michael Müller
Felizitas Schuler-Lagier
Dr. Jean-François Lagier
Friedrich Wendlinger

Prof. Dr. mult. Eckhard Nagel
Dr. Matthias Lauterbach and Reinhold Bretall
(managing directors of the trustee, musica innova e.V.)

Contact & Information

CONTACT Foundation
Dr. Charlotte von Koerber (Vize-Präsidentin)
Belforterstrasse 6, D-10405 Berlin

CONTACT Project Management HUMAN
Susanne Kümper
Dorfstr. 48, D 30916 Isernhagen
+49 (0) 152 – 53 59 03 35

Kulturbüro Burggrabe
Zum Dieker Ort 17a, D 28870 Fischerhude
+49 (0) 4293-3275062, helge@burggrabe.de

For detailed information please contact
Margret Schenk
Schellingstr. 8, D 30625 Hannover,

IBAN: DE10 2505 0180 0910 0910 72
BIC/Swift Code: SPKHDE2H
The Stella Maris Founation is recognized by the tax office as a non-profit organization and is able to issue donation receipts.